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The WaterShed offers kits and models for use by educators and community members throughout the year. Contact Us to reserve these FREE resources for a two-week period.

aquifer model kit


Aquifer Model

Students learn about groundwater and sources of pollution by running water and dye through the different layers.

Water Audit Kit


School Water Audit Kit

Lesson plans and tools to conduct an indoor and outdoor water audit for a school.

Cups, measuring tape,  water measuring kit, and instructions


Home Water Audit Kit

Tools and information on how to conduct an indoor and outdoor water audit for your home.



Enviroscape Tabletop Watershed Model – Stormwater

In this 3’ x 2’ model, students set up the landscape, create pollution or waste and watch what happens when it “rains.”

Stormwater is pictured. Also available: Wastewater & Drinking Water

IdaH20 kit


IDAH2O Master Water Stewards Monitoring Kit

This kit provides the testing supplies and macroinvertebrate collecting supplies to utilize the IDAH2O program protocols to monitor the biological, physical and chemical health of a water body.  Multiple kits available.

Macpack kit


Water Quality Testing Kits & Macroinvertebrate Pack

Students investigate water quality with LaMotte GREEN chemical testing kits and tools to collect and identify macroinvertebrates in surface water. We provide the reagents for the test kits which measure temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, nitrates, and phosphates. Multiple classroom sets available.

incredible journey kit


Incredible Journey Dice Game

In this popular Project WET activity, students travel as water drops around the earth with the roll of a die.  Beads to make water cycle bracelets included.