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About Our Field Trips

This school year the WaterShed is transforming into a climate and water science center! The exhibit hall will be closed for renovation September 2023 - Fall 2024. During this time, our education staff will offer limited on-site field trips and outreach programs at your facility.

Outdoor lessons and tours will be conducted in the River Campus, the Water Renewal Facility and the Boise River. Outreach lessons to schools in Boise and West Ada school districts are also available September - May. Home schools may make a reservation for a self-guided visit at the River Campus or we offer home school programs on select days.

Cost: Free; Bussing reimbursement is available for the 2023 - 2024 school year. Apply

Group size: Field trips are available for groups of 10 to 60 students per visit. The WaterShed requires at least one chaperone for every ten students.

Reservation Window: Reservations are required at least two weeks in advance and can be held up to a year ahead of time. Field trips are in high demand in the spring.

Field trip times: Field trips are booked Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. The typical visit is 1 to 3 hours in length. If your field trip spans lunch time, we are happy to add a lunch time into your schedule and you may eat at the covered picnic tables.

people walking at the water treatment plant



Steps to schedule a field trip with us:

  1. Choose a field trip (up to 3) from the options below that matches the grade level of your group, and take note of the location (The WaterShed; Your Place = outreach to your school).
  2. Click request a field trip to be taken to our online request form.
  3. Pick your field trip options on the form, along with information about your class and preferred dates/times and any additional information about your group.
  4. Submit the form, and we will reach out to you shortly.

You’ll hear from WaterShed staff within a few days.  Field trips can be customized to meet your needs.  We look forward to your visit – thank you for your interest!



A child picks up a rock while standing in a river



Field Trip Information

Preschool Free Play
Self guided. Students can play and explore in our River Campus or Nature Play Area. You are also welcome to borrow one of our Pre-K Activity Backpacks; you will find several games and activities for your Pre-K students, as well as some free-play suggestions to have fun while you’re visiting!
Location: The WaterShed
Grade level: Pre-K

River Campus Tour
March - October only. Experience the River Campus: splash in the simulated river and explore nature play stations to learn about our watershed. Backpacks with games and activities are available to borrow during your visit. (free-play/self-guided). 
Location: The WaterShed
Grade level: K-8

Get in Touch with Nature
Students will explore what makes a healthy river ecosystem while exploring nature near the Boise River or ponds. 
Location: The WaterShed
Grade level: K-2

Macroinvertebrate Mayhem
April - September only. Students will hike to the Boise River and wade in to collect macro-invertebrates (water bugs) to learn about how they may indicate a healthy or polluted river.
Location: The WaterShed
Grade level: K-6

Watershed Investigators
Students will participate in hands-on activities to understand where water is located on earth, how water can be found in three forms and what a watershed is.
Location: Your Place
Grade level: 2-3

Weather Science
Students will understand what creates weather and make some observations of our local weather.
Location: Your Place
Grade level: 3

Explore Your Watershed
Students will make a watershed map and explore stormwater pollution.
Location: Your Place
Grade level: 4-5

Water Conservation: Every Drop Counts
Students will understand the importance of water conservation and take away simple ways to save water around their homes.
Location: Your Place
Grade level: 4-6

Water Renewal Facility Tour
Learn about the fascinating process of water renewal and how it helps protect water quality. 
Location: The WaterShed
Grade level: 5-12, College/Adult

Snow Science
Students learn the importance of snow in our watershed and investigate snow on a molecular level. 
Location: Your Place
Grade level: 5-6

The Climate Change Connection
Exploring climate change through a systems approach, students will learn about the greenhouse gas effect, local impacts and solutions.
Location: Your Place
Grade level: 6-8

Climate Stories
Students will explore what we can learn from stories, how we can listen to each other, and how to tell their own climate story.
Location: Your Place
Grade level: 7-8, 9-12, College/Adult

The H2O Below
Get to know groundwater and its important role in our water supply. 
Location: Your Place
Grade level: 7-8

Geothermal: The Heat Beneath Your Feet
Students will demonstrate where hot water comes from and why it rises to the surface in the form of geysers and hot springs.
Location: Your Place
Grade level: 7-8

Water Quality Field Experience
March - October only. Students will assess the water quality of the Boise River or ponds to better understand how natural and human impacts affect water and the aquatic ecosystem. 
Location: The WaterShed/Your Place
Grade level: 7-12