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Get to know the Boise River watershed with this educational video for 4th-6th grade students titled 'The Boise River: From Snow To You'. (4:19) Discover the source of the Boise River, how snowpack is measured and why water is so important to the Treasure Valley.

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View a shorter version (2:53) for early elementary students below.

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Virtual Water Renewal Tour

The WaterShed is located at the West Boise Water Renewal Facility, a popular tour destination for students to learn how their used water is treated. Explore the treatment process at home or in your virtual classroom.

WaterShed Watch

Learn about Boise River water quality through informative videos and worksheets for grades 5 – 8. Meet different community organizations that help protect and monitor our Boise River, learn about some of the things people test for in the river to determine the health, view and analyze data collected on the river, and help us answer the question: is the Boise River healthy?

WaterShed Watch Resources

Project WET Resources

The WaterShed is a regional host of Project WET. Learn about local professional development workshops and explore the national Project WET's online resources.

Project WET