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Book a Virtual Field Trip

Let us visit your classroom virtually by connecting our education staff to your students. The following lessons can be taught on-line:

Lesson descriptions can be found here. Contact us to schedule at least two weeks in advance of your desired program date.

man in front of computer for virtual field trips


Virtual Water Renewal Tour

The WaterShed is located at the West Boise Water Renewal Facility, a popular tour destination for students to learn how their used water is treated. Explore the treatment process at home or in your virtual classroom.

WaterShed Watch

Learn about Boise River water quality through informative videos and worksheets for grades 5 – 8. Meet different community organizations that help protect and monitor our Boise River, learn about some of the things people test for in the river to determine the health, view and analyze data collected on the river, and help us answer the question: is the Boise River healthy? Find videos and worksheets here.

Lesson Plans and Tutorials

From our partners at Project WET, explore free water education lessons and tutorials for K-12 students on the themes of Watersheds, Health and Hygiene, Properties of Water, Water Availability and Climate Change to name a few topics.  

Professional Development Course

The Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 is now offered online! The training gives educators information about Project WET and leads them through activities from Guide 2.0. It also includes required workshop components such as practice teaching, information on educational standards related to the activities and internet resources, all in a self-paced interactive format. At the completion of the 6-hour training, educators will receive a print copy of the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0, which contains 64 activities, and certification as a Project WET educator. Cost $59.95. Pay an additional $60 and complete additional pre- and post-activities to earn 1 P.D. credit through U of I. 

Contact us to learn more.

Project Wet Course Book


In-Person Professional Development Courses

Check out our planned in-person Project WET workshops!

Project WET Interactive Learning Website

From our partners at Project WET, explore the free site for a self-directed educational resource about different water topics for children ages 7-12. Play games to learn about the water cycle, the food we eat, the weather and more!

Project WET